About us

L.C.C. has made it it’s mission to pamper guests on any location. We stand out because we make delicious products with fresh ingredients on literally any location you’d like. We don't cook with frozen products and nothing is pre-made. We make every dressing, dip, sauce, dessert, snack and fingerfood ourselves, on site.

We prepare everything fresh on site and therefore are always present. That's why we are super flexible! Additional guests, extra lunch packages or a time change? No problem! We’ll make it happen!

Special dietary wishes? We will make a fitting meal. Vegetarian, vegan or a specific food allergy? No problem at all! Just walk into the kitchen and talk to us. Our head-chef will prepare something suiting and delicious.

Long story short: L.C.C. is an all-round catering company who developed into a reliable, creative and experienced partner in the eventing industry all over Europe.

Would you like to get more information or do you have an event which needs catering? You can always call us: +31 6 82 87 77 52.


Contact info

L.C.C. Location Catering
Marco Haan
T: +31 6 82 87 77 52
E: info@location-catering.com

Opening hours:
Opened 365 days a year!

Contact hours:
Mo. to Fri. 09.00h - 18.00h
Saturday 8.30h - 17.00h
Sunday 8.30h - 17.00h